March 6, 2018

Why Gymnastics? How Gymnastics Benefits Kids of All Ages


We often hear the question, “Why should I enroll my child in gymnastics?”

While the reasons are plentiful, here’s a look at the top benefits of participating in gymnastics.

Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Gymnastics is a difficult sport that, regardless of level, will have lasting positive effects on a person. Here at Houston Gymnastics Academy, our students learn the importance of being active and how a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and enough sleep, can benefit overall performance in everything from the gym to the classroom. Gymnastics instills in children, especially when started at a young age, the love of movement and activity and can reduce the risk of childhood obesity while building healthy bones and muscles. The passion for movement and activity will help keep kids off the couch, preventing a sedentary lifestyle.

Strength and Flexibility

Did you know? Gymnasts are pound-for-pound the best athletes in the world. Performing exercises using only their body weight, gymnasts develop incredible upper body, lower body and core strength. Gymnasts also develop impressive flexibility that will benefit them in other sports and throughout their adult life.


Gymnastics requires athletes to be acutely aware of their body’s movement and how to connect those movements to complete a skill. In addition to overall coordination, it improves balance and teaches students how to fall with a decreased likelihood of injury. Body awareness, hand-eye coordination, and balance will not only benefit the athlete in gymnastics but other sports as well.

Self-Confidence and Determination

Gymnastics is unique in that while gymnasts compete as a team they perform as individuals. This means that, even as a team, gymnasts must complete their routines and be judged individually. It’s here that gymnasts learn self-confidence as they take to the floor or apparatus with all eyes on them. High self-confidence and the ability to perform under pressure are attributes and skills that will benefit students at HGA, through college and later, their professional careers.

Social Skills

From an early age, it’s important for kids to be involved and to learn acceptable behavior in social situations. Our students learn basic skills including: standing in line, listening to instruction, and to work and think both as a team and independently. Our older students learn the importance of leading by example and how to think critically about the ins and outs of a skill. Students of all ages learn the importance of supporting others and being respectful, as both are emphasized by all of our HGA coaches.

Work Ethic and Discipline

Gymnastics is a sport where nothing is given – only earned. And it can only be earned through the athlete’s own hard work and dedication. Each gymnast must put in the time and effort to master a skill before they can advance to the next, instilling a strong work ethic and self-discipline in all successful gymnasts. The ability to set a goal and to see your hard work and dedication rewarded is something our gymnasts will take with them throughout life. It’s a lesson and feeling that once experienced is never forgotten.

Overall, involvement in gymnastics teaches kids everything from time management to fitness to performance skills. However, it’s important to note these teachings aren’t exclusive to those who advance to the highest levels. While very few gymnasts become Olympians, the skills and lessons learned are shared by all, from recreational to collegiate to the professionals.

To learn more about the benefits of enrolling your child in a gymnastics program, contact Houston Gymnastics Academy today.