August 3, 2018

Fall Enrollment Happening Now at HGA


The start of the schoolyear is just weeks away which means it’s time to start thinking about your child’s fall activities and athletic schedule and to begin the enrollment process.

Houston Gymnastics Academy’s fall enrollment is now open and accepting registration for both current and new members. We offer a variety of classes for all skill levels, beginning at age 12 months and continuing through our adult tumbling program, ages 13+.

Whether you’re looking to improve your toddler’s coordination, motor or social skills, or simply looking to get them involved in an activity that will benefit them both immediately and in the long term, our preschool gymnastics program is a great place to start!
Children enrolled in our preschool gymnastics classes will be placed in an age-appropriate class with other children their same age, allowing for proper skill progression and social interaction. From our Rolly Polly I parent-and-me class (ages 12-22 months) to our Fireflies class (age 3) where students will begin to learn basic gymnastics skills to our Ladybugs (girls age 4-5) and our Tiger Beetles (boys age 4-5) each student will gain confidence and athletic ability as they progress through our program and advance to our recreational classes. To learn more about our preschool gymnastics classes and to view our fall 2018 schedule and availability, click here.

Our recreational gymnastics classes are skill-based and are for gymnasts age 6-12 years. These classes focus on mastering gymnastics skills starting with the hurdle technique on the vault, cast technique on the bars, and an arabesque on the beam before transitioning into the more elite skills. Again, in order to advance to the next Level, gymnasts must master each required skill in their current Level. To learn more about our recreational gymnastics classes, and to see our fall 2018 class schedule and availability, click here.

There are a number of benefits to enrolling your child in gymnastics, as they’ll learn skills that will help them in both the short and long-term. Our preschool and recreational classes fill up quickly so if you’re considering enrolling your child this fall, act now! Click here to view all of our current classes and availability.