April 3, 2019

Enroll in Summer 2019 Gymnastics Classes Today


Open enrollment for our summer and fall preschool and recreational gymnastics classes is happening now! Whether you’re a current member or you’re interested in joining hr HGA family, now is the time to enroll. If you’re considering enrolling your child in gymnastics for the first time, it’s important to understand the many benefits of this sport, including helping your child improve his or her social and motor skills. Interested in learning more about these benefits and whether or not this sport is for your child? Click here to read the many ways gymnastics benefits children of all ages and athletic abilities. Here’s a look at some of the skills your child can expect to learn in our classes:


Our preschool classes begin at 12 months and continue through five years. These age-based classes introduce children to the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle while consistently enhancing your child’s coordination, balance, motor and social skills through a variety of exercises on the balance beam, trampoline, bars and foam pit.

Our Rolly Polly classes are parent-and-me-style classes that will introduce the child to the fundamentals of movement before progressing to basic gymnastics skills in preparation for the next preschool-level class. Our next series of class options, based on your child’s age, will include learning skills such as forward/backward roll, beam walking, jumps on the trampoline and cartwheels. As the child ages and progresses through the skills, they’ll advance to mastering skills including bridge, handstand and bar work before transitioning to our recreational gymnastics classes.


Our recreational gymnastics classes begin at six years of age and continue through 12 years. The Girls Intro class is geared towards young girls who haven’t come up through the HGA program while Girls Level 1 and Boys Level 1 serve as the introductory classes to our recreational program. Throughout our Girls Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Level classes, gymnasts can expect to learn the following skills: hurdle technique on the vault, cast technique on the bars, arabesque on the beam, handstand flat back on the vault, leg swings on the bars, forward chasse on the floor, cast to horizontal on the bars, kick to handstand on the beam, straight leg leap on the floor, front handspring over vault table, front hip circle on bars, front handspring on floor and cartwheel on high beam.

Our Boys Level 1, 2 and 3 gymnasts can expect to learn and master the following skills: a straight jump on the vault, cast push away dismount on the bars, handstand technique on the floor, arm circle block technique on the vault, glide swings on the bars, split jumps on the floor, a single leg cut on the bars and a round off and backward pike roll on the floor.

In addition to our preschool and recreational classes, we also offer adult gymnastics classescheer tumbling, and private lessons. To learn more about our programs and class offerings, and to see current class schedules and availability, click here.