February 13, 2019

Coach’s Corner: Coach Delvin On How Being A Kid-At-Heart Makes Him a Better Coach


Coach Delvin has been a member of our HGA family for years, first starting with camps and birthday parties before moving over to coach our preschool and recreational gymnastics classes. A favorite among campers and gymnasts, Coach Delvin talks about why being a kid-at-heart helps him relate to the kids and bring out the best in them.

What made you want to start working with kids at HGA?

I have always loved working with kids and had an interest in gymnastics. So, when a friend approached me about the opportunity to coach children at Houston Gymnastics Academy, the decision to say yes was a no-brainer for me!

You started at HGA working with birthday parties before transitioning into teaching classes. Tell us about that transition and what you enjoyed most about each position you’ve held at HGA.

To be honest, all of my transitions from parties to camps to coaching have been pretty seamless. After learning and few tips and tricks, the switch was easy. As for my favorite aspect of each position, I’d have to say that birthday parties are always meaningful because it allows me to play a part in a child’s special day by making sure he or she has the best day possible. As for camps and classes, my favorite moments are when I get to see my student get that one skill they’ve been working on for the first time. They’re so proud of themselves and I’m happy that I can help them experience that feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Birthday parties and camps are comprised of kids who currently take classes and those who don’t. Do you find that gymnastics-themed parties often spark interest in the kids to want to take classes?

When you work with as many kids as I do, you can spot a passion developing. If they’re at a party and I see a child trying a skill over and over, I make sure to talk to their parents about their possible interest, answer any questions they have and provide them with informational flyers from the gym.

Yes, I do think hosting your child’s birthday party at Houston Gymnastics Academy sparks the kids’ imaginations and allows them to see the endless possibilities of what they can achieve. A birthday party is a fun and comfortable environment which allows them to open up and challenge themselves to try something new!

What personal characteristics do you feel help you in your job and make you a better coach for the younger kids?

I am a big kid myself which is a great characteristic to have when working with young children. While the gym is a place to learn new skills and tackle new challenges, it’s also a place to have fun. Whether your child is in our preschool program, recreational program, attending a camp or having a party at HGA, gymnastics is fun and it’s my job to use that fun and passion for the sport to help propel them to achieve their goals while always maintaining a love of the sport – even on the challenging days!

You’re one of the favorite coaches among our campers. Tell us about your favorite camp coaching experience.

This is an easy one! Without fail, when a camper (who may or may not be enrolled regularly in gymnastics classes) learns a skill they’ve been working on for weeks and they finally get it! Then, they want to show it to me at least a hundred times! That’s not an exaggeration, but I really do love it!

What do you love most about your job?

The environment. I can honestly say that it’s a joy coming to work at HGA and getting to not only help my awesome students but also work with so many great coaches. Every day is a great day.

What would you tell a parent considering enrolling their child in classes at HGA?

I’d tell them, “You won’t regret it.” This is a sport that the entire family will enjoy, as kids progress and parents can see the improvement in athleticism, coordination, discipline and overall self-confidence. HGA has a great set of coaches and people who work to make this the best experience possible for gymnasts and the families.

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